• Soft Collapsible Cooler Bag
    2023-01-24 Soft Collapsible Cooler Bag
    Soft Collapsible Cooler Bag Large-capacity waterproof travel cooler bag, with a front pocket for snacks, mesh pockets on both sides for beverages, and a super-capacity interior for food and beverages for the whole family. The inside of the cold bag is made of waterproof fabric that can touch the food, keeping heat and cold for up to 8 hours. It is a must-have cold bag for picnics and camping!
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  • Large Capacity Basketball Backpack With Laptop Compartment
    2023-01-16 Large Capacity Basketball Backpack With Laptop Compartment
    Large Capacity Basketball Backpack With Laptop Compartment Large-capacity basketball backpack, which can be loaded with basketball uniforms and equipment. The basketball backpack has multiple multi-functional pockets as a whole. There is a zipper pocket on the right for snacks; there is a compartment pocket on the left for pens, tools, etc.; an Umbrella, etc.; iPad can be loaded inside, and c...
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  • Happy Chinese New Year
    2023-01-14 Happy Chinese New Year
    Happy Chinese New Year The Chinese New Year in 2023 is coming, and January 21st is Chinese New Year’s Eve. To spend the festive season with family members, the Chaumet team will be on vacation from January 15th to January 28th and will resume on January 29th Work. On the occasion of the long Spring Festival holiday in 2023, thank you for your support and love as always. All the partners of th...
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  • Tennis Badminton Racket Backpack Bag
    2023-01-05 Tennis Badminton Racket Backpack Bag
    Tennis Badminton Racket Backpack Bag Large-capacity tennis racket backpack, stylish and simple design, high-quality wiring. The backpack has multiple multi-functional compartments as a whole, which can be loaded with sports equipment such as iPad, tennis rackets, knee pads, etc., and has a shoe compartment. The overall backpack is made of polyester and high-density waterproof fabric, which is wear...
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  • Happy New Year!
    2023-01-01 Happy New Year!
    Happy New Year In the past year, we have had joy and pain; we have sweat and tears; we have worked hard and gained. We have gone through ups and downs and tasted all the flavors of life. Although the road is bumpy, we have achieved certain results in the end. Time does not live, and heaven rewards those who work hard. In matters of work, we sum up experience; in matters of life, we harvest emotion...
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  • Merry Christmas
    2022-12-25 Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas The bell of the New Year is about to ring, and Chaumet wishes all the partners who work together: Happy New Year, good health, smooth work, and good health to the family! I hope that I can take advantage of the festival to deliver the best New Year wishes to everyone, and I also wish you all the best in the coming year! Chaumet and its team also brought the best wishes to all partn...
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  • Japan Style Canvas Prevent Scratches Golf Bag
    2022-11-28 Japan Style Canvas Prevent Scratches Golf Bag
    Japan Style Canvas Prevent Scratches Golf Bag Standable multifunctional golf bag with Japanese fashionable and simple style design. The golf bag is made of wear-resistant canvas fabric, which can be used for a long time. Super large capacity, and the whole has a number of multifunctional pockets, regardless of the size of the equipment, can reasonably allocate the space for each piece of equipment...
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  • The best business computer backpack for short business trips
    2022-11-21 The best business computer backpack for short business trips
    The best business computer backpack for short business trips This large-capacity waterproof business computer backpack is designed by Chaumetbag specifically for frequent business travelers. The interior of the business computer backpack has multiple multifunctional pockets and multiple internal compartments, equivalent to a small, lightweight suitcase that can hold the items you need for bus...
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  • Foldable Waterproof Hiking Bag
    2022-11-15 Foldable Waterproof Hiking Bag
    Foldable Waterproof Hiking Bag Fashionable and lightweight waterproof hiking backpack, with foldable storage, just a simple 4-step operation to store the hiking backpack into a small drawstring bag. The hiking backpack is made of waterproof, abrasion-resistant 30D nylon waterproof fabric, is lightweight,  and has a large capacity of 16 liters. Backpack with multiple multifunctional pocke...
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  • Cycling enthusiasts essential bike bag
    2022-11-09 Cycling enthusiasts essential bike bag
    Cycling enthusiasts essential bike bag This bike saddle bag is made of waterproof carbon fiber fabric with excellent waterproof and anti-corrosion features, so you can get through no matter the wind and rain. With a large internal capacity of 17 liters, the entire saddle bag body has multiple multifunctional pockets, and the interior of the bike saddle bag can also be compartmentalized to easily a...
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  • Birthday party in October
    2022-10-31 Birthday party in October
    Birthday party in October At the end of October, chaumetbag held a collective birthday party for colleagues who had their birthdays in October. chaumetbag prepared a sumptuous afternoon tea for everyone, with milk tea, fried chicken and the most important birthday cake. And we wished our colleagues with October birthdays good luck in work and happy in life.
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  • Stylish Outdoor Hiking Backpack
    2022-10-25 Stylish Outdoor Hiking Backpack
    Stylish Outdoor Hiking Backpack 55L large-capacity waterproof outdoor hiking backpack, made of ripstop fabric, waterproof and wear-resistant. Multiple multi-functional pockets with multiple snaps to carry hiking poles. With waist belt, and chest buckle, ergonomic design, more convenient and comfortable to use. Simple and fashionable color scheme, men, women and children can be suitable.
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