• Outdoor Activities
    2019-10-22 Outdoor Activities
    On July 25th,Our team attend outdoor activities to enhance the cohesion and make us know each other better. The picture above is a warm-up game to excise our executive power. Pick up water with plastic cup Listening to the coach how to wear this assortment and use this tool We are ready for the CS game Our CS game place, easy to hide but difficule to occupy it Our Vanguard to attract rival to come...
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  • Speech Wpon Result
    2019-10-22 Speech Wpon Result
    On June 30th, manager Zeng makes a speech upon result with great passion, sharing his ideas upon that It can be effective and efficient once we keep the result we want in mind and try every ways we can think out. All of us carefully listen to his speech and rethink about ourselves. After listening, We actively speak out what we have learned and thought.
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  • Receiving Our Distinguished Guest Mr. Juan and Mr Alberto
    2019-10-22 Receiving Our Distinguished Guest Mr. Juan and Mr Alberto
    We warmly welcome friends coming from all over the world. Trying to make customers fell at home.
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  • Happy time in Castle Peak Bay
    2019-10-22 Happy time in Castle Peak Bay
    Our girls face to the bule and clean sea, yawning happliy for beautiful tomorrow! Look, guys swim in the sea. So cool !
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