60L Roll-top Dry Duffel Backpack 2022-09-21

60L Roll-top Dry Duffel Backpack

WaterproofMade of high quality, heavy duty, strong and easy to maintain 500D lined PVC tarpaulin, 100% waterproof!

Large CapacityWith a large capacity of 60L and a weight of 2kg, it is suitable for long trips because it can hold more equipment. With two straps, it can be carried as a backpack. And highly appreciated by motorcycles because it is not too big or too small and easy to install.

DetailsWith 4 side carry handles, two sling hanging points, sturdy Duraflex 360 swivel buckle and slide buckle, providing multiple carrying options. With a waterproof front pocket for cell phones, it is easy to protect your electronic devices even on the go

Care and MaintenanceDry bags are fairly low maintenance items. They won't break, especially if they use a fold able closure. But there are a few things you can do to make them last longer.Don't drag them over sharp objects, don't put them on thorns, etc... Even the most durable rip-stop material can get punctured and it loses its water resistance. Always check the dry bag before use.If used in the sea or wet, rinse with water and hang to dry;If you need to wash, you can use soap. Don't put them in the washing machine.Keep them away from extremely hot places such as fire;Keep them away from solvents and repellents. If you spill them on the bag, rinse the bag as soon as possible.

Whether you're backpacking, canoeing in the canyons, carrying emergency supplies, or connecting to national parks by motorcycle, dry bags become a necessity on many adventures.

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